Sol: the hydrated connected state of the fascial tissue


I have been receiving bodywork from Angela for a few months now, and it has been incredibly helpful in my healing journey.  I love how she verbally directs my thoughts during the massage, helping me to visualize where to put my breath or how to picture the release of tension.  Through the course of treatment, I have better learned how to be present in my body.  I have loved observing how my body has slowly integrated the things I feel or learn during her sessions.  This integration takes place as I am just living life , my body and spirit where and how to direct the healing from Angela.  I have found the music chosen to be a key in opening up my spirit for healing during her sessions.  Overall I believe touch to be very important in the body’s healing process.  I feel that Angela has a gift for healing touch, and I’m thankful for the way she has cultivated this gift.

~Julie T.

Angela offers a healing modality not easily found. I realized this within the first 5 minutes of my 90 minute session.  Very seasoned and broadly trained as a bodyworker in a traditional sense, her real gift is the natural intuitive insight and ability to listen to each body’s needs.  She embodies and masterfully commands an extraordinarily refined balance of gentle strength in her treatments. Her touch alone brings a warmth and comfort.  But what Angela offers and is so rare, isn’t physical in nature. She works with her clients on a transpersonal level.  This ability flows from her nature and her deeply present and compassionate heart. This peacefulness emanating from her, allowed a very sacred space of healing to fill the room. It was within that healing space that she gently guided my heart and body to remember its own natural state of wholeness and vitality. The results rippled through me for days and I left her office a more awakened being.
She is a gem among gems and a great gift to this world!

~Mathew A.

Angela has a way of listening that really effects me. I feel like she get’s me. I feel comfortable and open when I’m around her. I have several deep issues that I’ve been dealing with for years. Every time I see her I end up feeling like she and I together are getting to the heart of the matter. These issues effect more than just my body, my mental and emotional health are involved too. Angela holds space for me to process and helps guide me in my healing. So my soul and my body are healing together. The massage helps me in my body, Angela really gives it her personal touch. I feel so much better every time I work with her. She knows exactly where I need touch and helps guide me into a relaxed open state, every time.

~Abraham W.

Angela is truly an Angel in the healing realms. Her grounded knowledge, wisdom and years of experience mixed with her intuitive and energetic gifts are such a blessing to receive. I highly recommend her body work!

~Liz L.

I am HOOKED! I have seen many specialists for my Fibromyalgia and spinal issues. Very few have been able to help me lower my daily pain. After just one session with Angela I noticed an improvement in a specific pain that I’ve had for well over a decade that has been impossible to figure out. Thank you, Angela! I will be back…
~Thena S.