Sol: the hydrated connected state of the fascial tissue



Angela crafts her touch and intuition. She reads your body for structural patterns. These areas in your body that are too tight and restricted are lengthened, spread and opened. She connects with your fascia, electromagnetic system and essence nature. She centers herself, and listens deeply to return your body to where it wants to be. Healthy, happy and free. 

“I have been receiving bodywork from Angela for a few months now, and it has been incredibly helpful in my healing journey.” ~Julie

Angela has dedicated her entire practice exclusively to Myofascial Release. She is seeing results and outcomes that are extraordinary. You are evaluated and treated as a unique individual. The root cause is addressed that creates the symptoms. Myofascial Release MFR can relieve your pain.

 Every system in the body is held in connective tissue-fascia. In MFR the fascial system is treated to eliminate the postural deviations and fascial restrictions which cause extreme distress and inflammatory responses in order to make permanent structural changes to help you return to an active, pain free life.

Sol Bodyworks Myofascial Release is dedicated to the comprehensive delivery of the highest quality care utilizing this multifaceted,    multidisciplinary approach for lasting results.

I look forward to providing the guidance, and my cultivated skill with therapeutic treatment to help you achieve your goals.