Angela Sunshine Rose is intuitive, and with presence and deep receptive listening she uses the skills gathered over 18 years as a massage therapist, movement and meditation teacher to support and hold space for transformational healing.  Her desire to understand the human body, energetic field, and emotional intelligence has lead her to extensive study in the practices.

Angela encourages her clients to be with and release trauma, old limiting patterns, behaviors and beliefs… that can cause pain inflammation, addictions, dis-ease and anxiety.   With hundreds of tools to access awareness and presence, Angela empowers her clients to build a solid foundation of internal and practical resources that clients will benefit from for years to come.  Development in these skills directly effects and increases abilities to have access to feelings of personal growth, freedom, peace, ease, happiness, calm and joy.

Angela grew up in Idaho and lived on farms with her family.  She has always been inspired by nature, drawn at an early age to engage in countless hours in the garden, with the horses, climbing trees and finding comfort and refuge in the mountains and forest.  She began organic gardening and wilderness camping as a teenager and learned the importance of finding health through food and herbal plant medicines. Angela finds sanctuary and a strong sense of home in the natural world.   She shares her connection to nature with clients using guided imagery of natural plant and animal cycles as visualizations to open the body.

After going to the University of Idaho for Art and Architecture Angela began traveling to permaculture farms and healing centers.  She learned Swedish massage, Reiki and Jin Shin Acupressure.  She traveled to Thailand were she studied Thai Massage and trained and assistant taught Zen Shiatsu, Qi Kong and Reiki.

In 2003 Angela settled on a magical 30 acre permaculture garden on Kauai.  There she studied Presence Centered Awareness Therapy with Lee Joseph and Carole Madsen at The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork. Angela advanced her skill set to encompass Structural Integration, Connective Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  In 2006 she completed the Teachers’ Assistantship Training and Advanced Consciousness Program at the Pacific Center and spent a total of 8 years on Kauai teaching and practicing bodywork.

Angela has been studying movement as long as she has been practicing bodywork. As a NIA Brown Belt and instructor from 2000-2010 Angela felt her body physically transform while practicing NIA.  NIA: a complete fitness program with a holistic approach to moving energy through dance, martial arts and yoga.  NIA is a personal growth program that blends movement technique with theory and spiritual practice.  NIA- Neuromuscular Integrative Action is a practice that incorporates many forms into a seamless presentation and emphasizes personal growth, transformation and healing through movement.