Presence Centered Awareness Therapy is a guided meditation and an interactive experimental awakening to a simple way of being in our presence.  This work is a synthesis of transformational consciousness techniques to deepen our understanding of ourselves and learn how to hold a space for ourselves and others that is unconditional and non judgmental.  From this place we can observe our patterns, behaviors, and beliefs and make choices that support our health and well being.   Do you want to experience more authentic, joy, love, freedom, trust and aliveness in your life?
A fresh perspective can inspire a deeper more authentic sense of self.   By noticing, being curious and observing the present moment from a place of non judgement, there is a greater ability to accept and be with what is.  Many mental, physical and emotional patterns construct our physiology.  These patterns and choices create who we are and can, at times, inhibit our natural way of being.  Some of these habits limit our possibilities and with the best of intentions restrict us.  When we can center ourselves in experience rather than our story, the internal framework becomes more flexible.  With awareness we come from a more centered place and have more room to make healthier life choices.  Awareness creates the space in which to see clearly.

Meditation is proven effective for reduction of stress, relieve muscle tension, and lower high blood pressure.  Taking the time to reflect, breathe and be in the moment of the now.  Presence Centered Awareness Therapy, is transpersonal, process oriented consciousness work.  Awareness and presence practices bring your attention to your direct experience and help you breathe deep, feel your sensations, to ease your mind, and acknowledge your emotions.  You can develop and strengthen your internal network of support for a deeper and more sustained level of healing to occur.

 Feel the Bliss… Pair a Meditation Session with a Massage and/or Movement practice.

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