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Ozone Therapy

Ozone’s properties are used clinically to decrease inflammation and boost the immune system. Oxygenates the blood, oxygen is toxic to cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and yeast cells. At Sol Bodyworks, we utilize Ozone therapies to more-effectively fight off these cells and organisms in the body. 

Additionally, toxic chemicals in our environment and food chain create free radicals as a by-product of the detoxification process. This damages the energy-creating organelles inside our mitochondria (power generators of the cells). Repetitive ozone treatments have been shown to act as a potent antioxidant to boost telomerase activity, protect the mitochondria from damage from free radicals and, thereby, prevent DNA deterioration.

Consider ozone as a primary or important adjunct treatment for any preventative, acute, or chronic condition which would respond to increased oxygenation, energy production, and immune-system optimization. Examples include decreased inflammation; increased wound healing; improved digestion and intestinal healing; increased antioxidant function; clearing viruses, bacteria and fungus; and improved capacity for removing toxins; that is, virtually everything! As an added bonus, ozone is used in anti-aging clinics all over the world to reverse the aging process in cells and organs.