Zen Shiatsu

The Healing Art of Zen Shiatsu

 A deeply nurturing traditional form of Japanese bodywork that is a restorative and effective.

The technique is rooted in the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine and the concept of Chi/Qi energy.  Areas in the body are assessed ~measuring the level of qi energy.  By becoming aware of specific areas that may have too little or too much energy determines the form of treatment.  The practitioner can then help to harmonize these areas by redistributing the energy.  The practitioner then redistributes the energy using a circular movements, compression with palm of hands and thumbs that work points and meridian lines. The balance in energy creates a sense of flow and harmony within the receiver.

Qi meridian lines are like flowing rivers in the body.  When sticks and stones build up in a river, the flow is blocked and  energy/qi in that meridian slows down.  To restore the flow in the meridians the rivers need to be clear and free.   How do we move that which no longer serves us?   The Zen way is to notice the need and places that are depleted (kyo).   It is easy to give support to the place of need, there is space for the energy to be received.   Like syphoning a hose, energy/qi is drawn to the place of need and naturally it comes from where there is a build up of too much energy (jitsu).    Jitsu- the stagnation and debris built up are washed out of the system.  The qi/energy is more evenly distributed.  Because the energy is more balanced there is greater harmony, the flow creates transformation and healing.

Zen Shiatsu improves health by stimulating the natural healing power of the body.  It is as much a physical work on anatomical body structures and meridians (energy lines) as it is an energy-based technique that accesses deeper layers of the energy and the spirit body.

Traditionally these sessions are done fully clothed,  on the floor with mats.  Zen Shiatsu is usually integrated into Swedish and deep tissue sessions.