Structural Integration

 Structural Integration SI reestablishes the natural alignment and structural integrity of the human body for vitality and well-being.   Ida Rolf created Structural Integration after her extensive studies as a biochemist, and later in homeopathic osteopathy, chiropractic, osteopathic medicine.   This system of recipes Ida Rolf created assesses the individual’s relationship with gravity and uses a systematic manipulation that loosens and reorganizes myofascia or connective tissue.  From the ground up each individual organizes and stacks each part of their body to balance and maintain vertical and horizontal alignment.

At each articulation and joint, the bones and muscles join with ligaments and tendons; to stay erect each side (front, back, left, right) becomes either tense and shortened or loose lacking tone and strength.  Each one of these segments of the body can be reorganized to balance by loosening the restrictions to give more muscle length which creates more mobility and stability in the joints.  SI also engages the client in assisted movement which increases the degree of the range in motion.  Each session is designed specifically to meet the individual’s needs and unique anatomical structure.  SI can be done in a stand alone session or traditionally as a 10 series.  This particular form of SI is accessible to every body because of the open communication and a unique pain scale that develops and changes in the moment so as to respect the individual’s level of acceptable “good hurt.”

This work benefits: athletes, yogis, runners, those with physically demanding jobs, spinal deviations, surgery, car accidents, MVA, children, expectant and new mothers, those looking to improve their posture.