Joint Decompression

Joint Decompression uses a gentle pressure to read and assess postural alignment and mobility within the skeletal structure.  Myofascia is the body’s soft connective tissue.  Palpation and light pressured touch is used to get a sense for directional imbalances and holding patterns of compression in the joints and bony articulations.  To move into the tension and resistance with a sustained, slow, steady, gentle moving force. Moving into the tension, releases it.  The practitioner senses, listens to the quality within each brand new moment. Choosing direction, pressure and duration of touch to decompress the joint.  Tensegrity is a balance in tension between the boney structures and the myofascial tissue.  Bio-tensegrity is a concept of tensegrity that continues to expand and contract to breathe and communicate organically.  When the joints are restored to alignment to equal tension on all sides.  The myofascia and joint is listened to, truly heard and met and there is a release in the fascia and the ligaments, tendons and intrinsic muscles surrounding each joint can find greater equality.   Decompression in the joints restores function, mobility and brings organization to myofascial tissues.

Joint Decompression and Myofascial Balancing are complimentary and go together  hand in hand.

This work is done clothed, and is highly effective for those recovering from traumatic injuries due to accidents, and those with acute and chronic conditions.