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GaiaDance Nia

Embodiment that Heals
NIA -Neuromuscular Integrative Action

Nia is a movement practice that is centered in the Now, that invites each person to feel. To experience and listen to the innate intelligent of your body. Sensationally directed and using the fundamental mechanics of Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Jazz Modern, Duncan Dance, Yoga, Alexander Technique & Feldenkrais. NIA is a self empowerment, embodiment practice utilizing personal growth. In Nia we seek pleasure in the body. We bring a focus and intention to each class and utilize movements that are crafted to align, energize and strengthen as well as increase agility, stability, mobility and flexibility. NIA is adaptable to all levels of skill, taught in levels 1,2,3 so each movement is systemic and can be modified to meet each person at their skill level. 


GaiaDance NIA 
1 hour Zoom Class
Mondays and Thursdays
10am Eastern 
 7am Pacific, 8am Central Standard Time 
Angela Rose have been practicing NIA since the age of 17. She is Brown Belt Nia Instructor. Angela loves practicing and teaching Nia because it is a unique blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts. NIA is a dance that supports a healthy lifestyle, it is playful, imaginative and teaches you how to be present in your body. It is adaptable for all ages and body types. Nia is organic, and offers exercise that tones and develops your coordination and agility. 
GaiaDance is my unique offering that I build into class so you can observe the process of nature and relate that to your own body processes. It helps stimulate connection with the earth Gaia. We receive guidance from Gaia to dance. 
Each class is one hour. We begin with a focus and intention. The moves are taught in levels so that your body can blossom and build strength naturally. 
You are invited! Come a few minutes early and check in. The class is 15$. Here is the zoom link and my venmo.
Zoom Link
text me if you’re in the waiting room
Venmo preferred: 
Love to see you bright and early my darlings,

You are invited to breathe and center yourself in the present moment.  Listen to your body and learn a deeper understanding of the sensations and information your body is giving you.  This guided practice will bring you home to yourself.


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