Deep Tissue -Connective Tissue Therapy

What is Connective Tissue/ Fascia?

Connective Tissue or Fascia is your body’s soft structural support system.  A web matrix that communicates and connects you from head to toe.  At a molecular level it is your your interstitial fluid, that bathes and wraps each of your cells.  Each muscle cell, fiber, bundle and muscle group.  It is what each of your bones is born in, grows from and is coated with.  It is every tendon, ligament, scar, and adhesion in your entire body.   It is adipose~ fat, skin and muscle tissue.  These tissues can become disorganized: knotted, twisted, criss crossed and misaligned.  When this web matrix of connective tissue is organized and aligned the tissue is hydrated, fed with essential nutrients, and has optimum blood flow.  When tissue has a high level of elasticity it’s self repair becomes more efficient and the body can heal at it’s optimum.

Do you have Issues in your Connective Tissues?
The connective tissue will most often tighten, contract, shorten and scar during fetal development, birth, following trauma, injury, surgery, years of repetitive movement patterns, poor posture or spinal deviations.  This can create issues in your tissues.  You may experience pain, trigger points with referral pain, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling adhesions, scar tissue, limits in your range of motion or neurological damage.  This disorganization in the connective tissue creates a need for length, space and balance in your fascial planes.  In order to keep your body erect other muscle groups will tend to compensate for the shortness and over time other muscle groups and surrounding tissues will develop their own binding, which will lead to more compensation…

Connective Tissue Therapy CTT  applies varied degrees of slow deep pressure with strokes that contact the fascial planes.  This pressure creates heat and changes dense tissue in the gel-state to a more pliable liquified sol-state.  CTT is used to treat soft tissue and structural injuries by lengthening, spreading and differentiating the muscles.  This form of bodywork is deep and connective so it leaves you feeling that your body is functioning at a high level.  The functionality and mobility is restored to each region and muscle groups of each area are able to move independently.  Because the connective tissue is just that… connected, the tissues are freed up to then relate better to neighbors.  The body is sensing itself as a whole connected systemic system.  Movement is more easy and graceful.  The feeling is literally connected tissue.

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