AquaCranial Therapy is a modality that is born from the full support and healing energies of Water.  Done in a pool or better the ocean, the deep relaxation and connective experience of being submerged and floating in water has transformational effects.

As you float in the water you are supported by floats under your neck and around your knees so you are safe and held, weightless.    The treatment works with the waves and natural movements of the water and the dolphins and whales that inspired the movements in the sequences.  Rebecca Goff who developed AquaCranial Therapy has migrated with the whales.  She teaches internationally and developed the treatment protocols impart based upon how she and her clients have been touched by visiting dolphins and whales.  Cranial Sacral is also influential. All while suspended in water, the interstitial fluid that supports all of life.

Rebecca Goff creator of AquaCranial People and the Planet: Healing with Whales